About Me

Want to know a secret? I’m a nerd, I mean I was a nerd before being a nerd was retro.
Want to know another secret? I absolutely love to over analyze what I watch and invest time into. So much so that my girlfriend has told me to find an outlet that doesn’t involve talking her ear off about what Old Republic Characters I would like to see.

Who wouldn’t want to talk about this???

And that leads us to my blog, I love reviewing and talking about anything that interests me. Most of the time it will involve looking way too deep into movies and TV shows. But if that interests you great! Always happy to meet another nerd.

Lucky for you I cover a range of nerdy topics; Dragonball Z, Star Wars, Comics, Gaming, the best characters (Thanos duh).

Is it wrong to want 10 movies of this guy?

So please, enjoy and stay tuned for The Nerds Eye View.

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